• Frozen Christmas Surprise Gifts PLAY NOW!

    Frozen sisters will spend this Christmas together. First, they will open their gifts and see what these gifts are. Help them find it and enjoy this Christmas with them!

  • Biggest Gum PLAY NOW!

    Biggest Gum is a challenging game. Players need to tap the button on the screen to blow gums. On the one hand, the size of the chewing gum must be greater than ninety percent of the shape given. On the other hand, you can't touch ..

  • Christmas Turkey Cooking PLAY NOW!

    How to make a delicious roast turkey? After playing the game Christmas Turkey Cooking, you will reveal the answer. Elsa is very good at cooking, she decided to make a turkey dinner for her friends and invite them to spend ..

  • Nibble Snake PLAY NOW!

    Nibble Snake is a classic snake game. You have to control the snake, eat more bits, make yourself bigger snake. Avoid touching the walls. Have a great time!

  • Bounce Floor PLAY NOW!

    This is a fun casual game. Your task is to catch the thief based on the victim's prompt. The victim may explain the thief's appearance, hairstyle, color, etc. If you find a thief in a crowded room, you win the game.

  • Truck Sugar Cookies PLAY NOW!

    Truck Sugar Cookies is a cooking game. In the game, you can go to the supermarket to purchase all the required ingredients for this recipe and continue your work in the kitchen. Mix the bought ingredients and bake that ..

  • Flying Truck PLAY NOW!

    The game is too difficult for most people. You can click or tape on the screen to make the truck to fly. And you should avoid all obstacles and try to get the best score. Have fun with Flying Truck.

  • Cute Lady Labrador Caring PLAY NOW!

    Cute Lady Labrador Caring is a pet care game to take care of a dog. You help a dog to bathe, cut his nails and feed it. After the care, you can feed the puppy, bread, milk, meat. You can also dress it up, make it more beautiful, ..

  • Helicopter Strike PLAY NOW!

    Helicopter Striker is a driving helicopter game. In the game, you can select your helicopter, pick up weapon upgrades and shoot every enemy to collect gold coins and get the high score. Have a good time!

  • Go Fishing PLAY NOW!

    Go Fishing is an interesting fish game. In the game, you need to go fishing and to get more score for 3 minutes. You have 3 minutes to catch fishes by shooting bombs at them. You can get a bomb every second. Have a great time.

  • Rock Paper Scissors PLAY NOW!

    This is a relaxing game suitable for spending spare time. In this game, you can compete with AI. Click on the Rock, Paper or Scissors icon to play the game. Can you win the game? Join in and have fun.

  • Flowers Rush PLAY NOW!

    Flowers Rush is a puzzle Match 3 game. In the game, you need to match three of the same flowers and get points. There is a time limit for this game. Reach the target score of each level and the desired amount of elimination and ..

  • Homemade Burger Cooking PLAY NOW!

    Do you like hamburgers? But can you make your own delicious burger? In this game, you can buy the necessary ingredients and clean the kitchen and prepare it for the actual cooking. Finally, follow the required steps to make ..

  • Moonbase Tycoon Idle PLAY NOW!

    The earth is about to be destroyed. Humans have to find new planets to live in. You must try to colonize the moon as humanity the last attempt at living amongst the stars. Click the button as much as possible and earn more money ..

  • Frozen Sisters Summer Ice Cream PLAY NOW!

    Summer holiday is coming! Elsa and Anna are going to the amusement park to have a good day. The weather is too hot, how about making an ice cream by hand? Choose your favorite flavor to start cooking. Add the jam and topping to ..

  • Fisherman – Idle Fishing Clicker PLAY NOW!

    Can you imagine that you can get more wealth through fishing? Gradually accumulate wealth from a small fish, and eventually have your own boat and even enter the deep sea to fish! With your own efforts, you can go from nothing to ..

  • Chalk Gardens PLAY NOW!

    The boy accidentally lost his teddy bear's leg. He was looking for the teddy bear's legs in the garden. Along the way, he met many animals to ask, but the answer was to find the elephant. So he tries to find the elephant as much ..

  • Idle Mosquito PLAY NOW!

    Mosquitoes are pests that we all hate. But now you have to manage mosquitoes! In this game, you need to command mosquitoes to extract blood from people. These blood are used to upgrade your appliances, such as mosquito flight ..

  • Sky Force PLAY NOW!

    To be a brave pilot, you need to shoot the enemy to defeat them to get the score, and it is necessary to avoid their attacks. Hope that you can show your outstanding ability in the battle of the sky. Good luck and have fun!

  • How To Make Frozen Fever Cake PLAY NOW!

    You know Elsa makes cakes for her sister in the movie, but how to make a Frozen Fever cake? Follow the instructions step by step for the game to make the cake. I believe as long as you play this game you can get it!

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